Monday, March 31, 2014

Band Launch Season 2014

With the first Toronto Carnival Band Launch set to kick off this weekend, I thought it would be a great time to do a post on what the audience may like to see during the launch. 

In terms of the launch itself, one thing that is on my wish list is that the launch start at or a little bit before 12:00am. I know there is usually a fete afterwards, however I think a lot of people that go to the launches are awaiting to see the costume presentation. As such an early or on time start would be great.

In terms of costumes, I would love to see a lot of bright colors as well as costumes in the pastel color family. In terms of style, I would love to a few sections that offer the jeweled bottom option as opposed to belt, in addition to monokinis. Less is not always more, I would love to see this year more bands that offer options other beads, bikini and feathers.

In terms of models, I would love to see models representing various skin complexions as well as sizes. Although I am not playing mas this year, I think a lot of masqueraders appreciate seeing how a costume might look on their skin tone and flattering on their body type.
In terms of the night of the launch, here are a few things I would love to see:
1. Models showcasing the costumes confidently and taking their time to rip the runway 
2. Models who stop, pose and smile for the camera at the end of the runway, as well as if possible in the middle
3. Models who are having a great time : )
4. Special Effects- I liked the use of the confetti last year during Saldenah's launch.
5. All costume options displayed
6. An extended finale where all the models come out and show us how the costume moves
7. Information on who the designer and section leader is displayed either in a pamphlet or announced during the presentation

Things I would prefer not to see or happen during a band launch
1. Lots of long talk (lol... a simple intro is usually effective and enhances rather than detracts from the theme)
2. Gum chewing while ripping the runway (Last year I saw a beautiful model chewing gum, which kinda detracted from how her mouth appeared in pictures)
3. Overuse of a smoke machine- I find sometimes makes it difficult to take pictures 

What do you want to see this year during band launch season? 


  1. I was telling Trini-in-Toronto these same things! I could have written this, hah hah. My pet peeves for launches are models who rush down the stage, & then don't pose long enough. And of course launches that don't start on time, keep us waiting for 1+ hr. >:( Let's hope for improvement this season on all of this!