Sunday, October 27, 2013

Feature: Evelyn Rose

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Apart from being a social platform that highlights culture (and carnival), The Collabo Blogspot also seeks to showcase individuals and initiatives that are pushing boundaries with creativity and entrepreneurship within and around the GTA. This week we caught up with Adi Hazlewood for a Q & A to learn about her line Evelyn Rose.

Evelyn Rose is an upcycle clothing line that utilizes reclaimed fabrics to create t-shirts that are both unique and environmentally friendly,

TCB: Tell us about yourself and how you started your line Evelyn Rose?

AH: I believe that life is about challenging yourself and constantly evaluating your beliefs and what you stand for. After graduating from university, I became increasingly interested in living sustainably. I wanted to challenge the idea that being conscientious of your decisions as a consumer meant rejecting fashion. I started the line Evelyn Rose to illustrate environmentally friendly clothing can be as expressive and of the same quality as mass produced merchandise.

TCB: What types of pieces does the Evelyn Rose encompass?

AH: At the moment, the line consists of t-shirts and tank tops. I am hoping to expand eventually into accessories but I believe working on one aspect of the line will ensure quality and help me truly meet the needs of the people interested in the line.

TCB: What is your target audience for your line?

AH: I envision Evelyn Rose to attract very strong, independent women who enjoy fashion but do not follow trends and wish to cultivate a unique style. I believe that description is not limited to a particular age range or demographic. 

TCB: What inspires you as a designer?

AH: The city of Toronto truly inspires me, it is so diverse and you see so many interpretations of trends and unique expressions of self. Traveling has also heavily influenced me, being exposed and immersing myself in different cultures has inspired to try new things and has helped direct my vision of the line.

TCB: What were some of the highlights or accomplishments that you are most proud from the development of your line?

AH: The line is still very young, I hope to accomplish a lot within the next year. So far it has been the craft shows I have participated in and the positive feedback I receive from people about my line. Hearing that people like and enjoy what I have created keeps me motivated to continue and develop as a designer.

TCB: Where can people learn more about you and see your work?

AH: People can follow me on Instagram at EVELYNROSEFH. To purchase or learn more about the line contact me at

Toronto Masqueraders Association

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Thanks for checking out the blog! I have been missing in action (M.I.A) from posting due to health and personal reasons, but I hope to get back into the swing of things!

As we are approaching the month of November and well into the season of fall, the cold winter chill will soon be upon us (burrr).  Though there is much to look forward to such as the upcoming holiday season, as well the new opportunities, growth and progression that may come with the ringing in of a new year, it is also a great time to reflect on the past.

Reflecting on the events of this year Toronto Carnival, one initiative that I am thrilled to see being implemented is the Toronto Masqueraders Association. In response to the growing concern and disdain with  stormers infiltrating the Toronto Carnival parade, a facebook group started by Janelle Hills called Time for Change Toronto Carnival, provided a platform and forum that enabled masqueraders to express their sentiments and suggestions regarding the parade. Since the creation of facebook group, the momentumwas propelled forward with the development of the Toronto Masqueraders Association. 

The Toronto Masqueraders Association held their inaugural meeting on September 19th. Though I was unable to attend, I did read great reviews of the meeting from bloggers Karabana and De Cocoa Panyol. 

De Cocoa Panyol:

I think this is a great initiative that is both timely and needed! I would like to extend well wishes to the Toronto Masqueraders Association for starting this initiative and striving to stand as a unified voice from the masquerader perspective. 

For more information on the TMA, check out their website:

So with Toronto and Miami Carnival out of the way, who is looking forward to Trinidad Carnival 2K14!!! I know I am!