Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Toronto Junior Carnival Parade 2013

This upcoming Saturday the Toronto Junior Carnival Parade will be taking place. A day filled with fun in the sun for kids and families, the Junior Parade is always a highlight during the Toronto Carnival season! For more information on the Junior Carnival Parade, check out the official Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival website.

Information on the parade and route have also been posted below!

At what time do the bands arrive at the assembly area?
All bands must arrive by 9:00am.

How do I get to Downsview PAt what time do the bands arrive at the assembly area?
Downsview Park is located south of Sheppard Ave W between the Allen Expressway and Keele Street. Access to Downsview Park is off Sheppard Ave W. 

How does one get to the parade route by Public Transit? 
From Downsview Station: 84 Sheppard West buses; 106 York University buses; 107 Keele North buses; 108 Downsview buses. From Keele Station: 41 Keele Buses. For masqueraders who take the bus, the drop off point is Keele and Sheppard intersection. This provides direct pedestrian access to the assembly area. 

Where is the Assembly Area? 
The Assembly Area is located on Robert Woodhead Cres, at the west end the former Military Housing Area; north of William Baker Park. The assembly area will be restricted to PARADE VEHICLES ONLY - a music truck and one other vehicle. However we suggest that the second vehicle be parked if not required on the route. NO VEHICLES ARE PERMITTED TO PARK IN THE ASSEMBLY AREA. Vehicles left behind could be towed 

How do vehicles access the Assembly Area? 
From Sheppard Ave, turn North on John Drury Drive and left on Robert Woodhead Crescent to the
Assembly area. There will be no vehicle access to the Assembly area from Downsview Park.
Where do we drop off the Children and to whom? 
Children should be dropped off at the Assembly Area only, and in the care of an adult that the parents recognize, from the band. Bandleaders are encouraged to ensure that parents are fully aware of the drop off point and that small children are not left unattended or handed over to “strangers”. 

Where do we park? 
Parade parking will be provided on the grounds located east of Sheppard and John Drury Dr (just west of the Flea Market). Access can be gained from a gravel road/ramp located at Tuscon Road, in front of the Flea Market Building. An adventurous driver may be able to drive over the sidewalk on the south side of Sheppard Ave. There will be some parking for the parade trucks (only), in the lot south of 40 Carl Hall Rd on a first come basis. Persons are encouraged to drop off passengers or material at the Assembly Area and then proceed to park their vehicle. Volunteers and Security will be at the parking areas to direct the traffic. Adequate signage will be posted. 

Is there a designated Wheelchair Viewing Area? 
Yes – An area opposite the judging point / VIP viewing area has been designated. Wheel-Trans will be provided with access. 

Are there any restrictions with regards to finishing our costumes at the Assembly Area? 
Yes there is. There shall be absolutely no spray painting done in the assembly area, including the street, sidewalk and adjacent grounds. 

When does the parade start? 
The opening ceremony will be at 10:45 and the parade starts at 11:00am SHARP. 

Describe the Parade Route 
From the Dispersal Area, the parade will move west through William Baker Park, turn right and over the bridge above Sheppard Ave. W. The parade then continues south, left on Canuck Avenue, left on John Drury Dr, right at the ramp (10 John Drury) to the paved parking platform, left along the west side of the paved lot, right along the north side of the paved lot, right along the east side of the paved lot, left on Call Hall Drive to the dispersal area. A Parade Route Map is attached. 

Where is the judging point? 
The Judges Tent is set up at the intersection of Canuck Ave and John Drury Dr. 

Where is the dispersal area? 
From the paved platform, the parade turns left (east) on Carl Hall Road and disperses in the park on the right (south). One music truck from each band will be designated a parking spot at the parking lot located on the north side of the Carl Hall Road. 

What happens after the parade and when will the results be announced? 
There will be Family Day activities including children activities and displays, music, a market place with Food and Arts & Craft Vendors. The parade results will be announced as soon as they become available. The activities will conclude at 7:00pm. 

When do we get refreshments for the Children?
An adequate amount of water will be provided for the Children. The FMC will set up a water station
along the route. However, Bandleaders will provide for their masqueraders. 

Will there be washroom facilities along the route? 
We will provide Portolets at the Assembly Area, along Canuck Ave and at the Dispersal Area. 

Will there be Waste Disposal Facilities 
We are expected keep the grounds and facilities in a reasonably clean state. We will provide garbage containers to each bandleader at the assembly area. There will be a disposal bins placed in the park and along the route. 

Safety and Emergency 
The FMC will deploy volunteers at major crossing points to assist kids and parents.

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