Thursday, March 28, 2013

TruDynasty teams up with Carnival Nationz for Carnival 2K14

In case you didn't hear the breaking news that was posted on twitter and facebook, TruDYNASTY Carnival is teaming up with Carnival Nationz for their 2K14 presentation the Reef!
Here's the post from TruDynasty's facebook:

"BREAKING NEWS!!!! The TruDYNASTY family has joined Carnival Nationz for Toronto Carnival 2013. Get ready to be blown away with the presentation of The REEF. We hope all of our supporters continue to join us on the road where you will get the same fantastic service and an even better costume experience. Don't forget to come to the Carnival Nationz launch on April 20th at the Kool Haus and look out for the TruDYNASTY section. This is a season you won't wanna miss! See you on the rooaadddd!!!"

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