Saturday, September 8, 2012

TruDynasty's trip to Trinidad for Carnival 2013

 TruDynasty has organized a trip to Trinidad for Carnival 2013. Check out the description below and their facebook event page for more details.
You have asked and now you shall receive!! TruDYNASTY Carnival is finally organizing a trip to Trinidad for Carnival!


You will be staying on the tropical island of Trinidad for 8 days and 7 nights. You will depart on Thursday February 7th and return Thursday February 14th.


You will be staying in the top hotel on the island. The HYATT is a five star hotel located right by the water which always sells out by summer. Your stay will include FREE wi-fi in your room and complimentary breakfast buffet at the beachfront restaurant. Up to 4 people can stay in each room but please be advised that the beds are double beds not queens (the difference is only 6 inches in width not lengthy). Once you see the hotel you will fall in love!! Check it out! And a bonus: It's walking distance to everything!! No need to rent a car :)


You will be flying with Caribbean Airlines out of Toronto to Port of Spain, Trinidad. In order to keep the cost lower the outbound flight does connect in Jamaica however it is only for an hour so once you get off the plane you can stretch your legs, use the bathroom and get ready to board and head out again. The flight returning home is a direct flight.
Here is the flight schedule:

Depart Toronto Feb 7 @ 2:10pm
Arrive in Kingston, Jamaica @ 6:20pm
Depart Kingston @ 7:40pm
Arrive in Port of Spain @ 11:10pm (please keep in mind that it will be 10:10pm our time which is why it looks like the flight is longer)

Depart Port of Spain, Trinidad Feb 14 @ 2:35pm
Arrive Toronto 7:40pm


Prices are per person and are non-refundable. If you are unable to make it after you have started paying you can find a replacement up to 30 days prior to departure. Once the names have been submitted to the airline (30 days prior/Jan 6) they will not accept any changes.

4 ppl to a room $1570
3 ppl to a room $1745
2 ppl to a room $2090

Payment Schedule:
Your final payment is due December 19 by midnight. You can pay in full at that time or make payments as you need until then. A late balance payment will result in a $100 late fee.

Deposit amount- $200

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