Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Crossing the Stage?

In reviewing some of the feedback and reviews on this year's Toronto carnival, I read there was an issue this year where several bands were unable to display their costumes and floats across the stage and judging area. This topic is currently being discussed on our facebook page, but I also wanted to post here if in case any readers wanted to comment or could provide additional information anonymously on what occurred..


  1. I will like to see bigger bands be more spaced out interms of postions on the road to help with congestion.

  2. I certainly agree that something should be done to accommodate all the Bands .. I am a player and for years I have been saying that I feel for the Bands who do not CROSS due to time .. The players have paid for costumes and I think it is unfair.
    Maybe the time has come for the sizes of the BANDS to be limited and the Marshalls to pay attention to the time spent at the various judging pionts