Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Last Lap

LAST LAP - FREE ADMISSION w/piece of costume
25 Aug 2012
22:00 - 03:00
Twilight Lounge
55 Nugget Ave

Calling Carnival Nationz, Saldenah, Tribal Knights, Toronto Revellers, Calalloo, Mas Toronto, Tru Dynasty, Connections, Fantazia International, Black Sage Carnival and all other Toronto Caribbean Carnival Masqueraders to the end of SUMMER FETE.  Come and share the memories of a GREAT SUMMER!  Bring your energy because we are gonna set Twilight on FIRE!  This might be our last wine and jam for the summer.  Did you head to Barbados for Crop Over?  Or Lucia or Vincy Mas or Spice Mas in Grenada.  Well we also have all de BIG tunes that will make you turn into a Monsta or turn into a Psyco or just simply Like YuhSelf!!
Music by some of the DJs from the bands on de road D Bandit, DOC,  G Dubbz and hosted by Dirty Dez.
You don't wanna miss this wear yuh costume event.  You have your headpiece on your dressing table so bring it!
DON'T HAVE A COSTUME?  No your $10 advance tickets here now:

Carnival Nationz Victory Cruise

CNz inaugural Victory Cruise Celebrating the 2012 "Band of the Year", King & Queen Victories of Carnival Nationz
We celebrating on the water and giving allyuh a cruise with the CNz Djs and family...

Aboard the Enterprise 2000
Boarding at 12pm, departing at 1pm SHARP!

Time: 1-5pm
Music: Carnival Nationz DJs featuring Soca Sweetness & WhiteBwoy!
Hosted by: EMAN & SKF
Tickets: $30 + service charge GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!
Available at the following outlets:
Play De Record - Downtown (south central) 416-586-0380
Drupati's - Scarborough (east) 647-835-5800
Charlie's - Mississauga (west) 905-896-3663

For more information: Contact your CNz rep
Bryce @ 416.985.8488
Jenny @ 416.833.4640
Denise@ 416.820.3304
Hayden@ 416.220.4972
Ross @ 416.301.7761

Renissance Mas Productions Appreciation Event

Renaissance Mas Productions "APPRECIATION EVENT"
RMP Mascamp- 175 The Westway, 3:00PM
***Complimentary facials from 3-5PM*** 
(To make a private appointment , call/email using info listed on the voucher)
Check out their facebook page for more information on the event.

Toronto Revellers Picnic

Toronto Revellers Picnic

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Despite the rainy weather, I made my way to vaughan to support the Carivaughan parade and festivities.

 It was nice to know that proceeds of the Carivaugahn event would be going to benefit children and adults living with Sickle Cell Disease. Sickle cell is a red blood cell disorder, that has an ability to cause bone and joint swelling and vasoocclusive crisis. People of African, Indian, Middle Eastern, the Mediterranean and Latin American descent are more likely to inherit the gene that causes sickle cell disease. I myself, am a carrier of the sickle cell trait, and as such I am happy to support an event that seeks to build a comprehensive care centre for the sickle cell disease.

The event was supposed to begin with a street parade from Maple Go Station to Vaughan City Hall from 10am until 3pm. However, when I reached the station around 1:30, due to the rain it seemed the parade was somewhat postponed.

That vibes cyah done though! From my car I could hear the sweet sound of soca music playing, and when I got out to take a closer look masqueraders and onlookers were dancing underneath a tent/shaded area.

Eventually the party in the Go parking lot moved to city hall. The parade got underway about an hour or so later...

It was great to see a few masqueraders wore their costume and were all smiles!

The dj had the crowd chippin down the parking lot pavement : )

After walking back to my car to get my jacket, I decided to go check out some of the vendors and and booths that were set up at the opposite end of the parking lot. 

This was definitely a family event, with fun activities that were set up for the kids

And vendors that were selling food and drinks.

 One vendor already had t-shirts with Usain Bolt's face on it to commemorate the Olympics

A stage was also being set up for performances later in the afternoon

After I put some cupcakes back into my car, I headed back to check out how the parade was going. When I left the crowd had went from this... 

To this...

Once the street parade had finished, it was time for the performances. I was able to catch the first two acts. 

Overall, I had a good time at Carivaughan today. 
My guess is the rain probably deterred some people from coming, but it is a definitely a nice event for the family to check out, and to take one last jump post Toronto Carnival. 
All the best Carivaughan in the years to come : )

Friday, August 10, 2012

Carivaughan Street Parade and Festival

The City of Vaughan and the entire York region can now celebrate the tastes, sounds, rhythms and culture of the
Caribbean, through its very own Street Parade and Festival.

Maple GO Station, 30 Station St (Keele & Major Mac), Vaughan, ON, Canada

Starting at 11AM with a FREE mas block party for all at Maple GO station, masqueraders and revelers alike will take to the streets
backed by top DJs, and Steel Pan and Tassa groups from around Canada – “jumping”, “wining” and “waving” to the rhythms of the Caribbean.
Join one of the Mas bands (call: 416-444-3333) or just come with your costume from any of the major carnivals – and the Road is Yours!!!
Caribbean & Latin Floats & Costume Bands
• Bring your costume and Jump Up on the Road
• Free parking at Maple GO Station

Vaughan City Hall Grounds, 2141 Major MacKenzie Drive, Vaughan, ON, Canada

The Street Parade ends in grand fashion with a Festival at Vaughan’s City Hall.
The Festival will showcase international, and local artistes, music, dancers, vendors, and authentic Caribbean food.
Admission to the Festival is FREE.
• Live Caribbean, Soca, and Latin Performances!
• Landscaped grounds with over 5,000 capacity!
• Spectacular stage and light show!
• Kidz Zone and face painting!
• Caribbean food on sale!
• Licensed event!
• Suprises, giveaways, and much, much more!

Please call 416-316-8772 for festival opportunities: vendor, volunteer, sponsorship or parade participation

For more info
416-316-8772 ::: 416-843-2507

CariVaughan is built on the principle of planning and executing world class events that celebrate the culture and music of the
Caribbean, while ensuring that we are using our platform to educate visitors about sickle cell disease.
All donations and profits from CariVaughan go towards funding Sickle cell awareness, research, programs and services.
Our goal is the creation of a research chair appointment at a local hospital and the building of infrastructure to treat patients.

SATURDAY AUGUST 11TH, 2012 – The Road is Yours!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Crossing the Stage?

In reviewing some of the feedback and reviews on this year's Toronto carnival, I read there was an issue this year where several bands were unable to display their costumes and floats across the stage and judging area. This topic is currently being discussed on our facebook page, but I also wanted to post here if in case any readers wanted to comment or could provide additional information anonymously on what occurred..

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pan Alive 2012 Results

1) Pan Fantasy
2) Afropan
3) Silhouettes
4) Golden Harps International
5) Salah Steelpan Academy
6) Panatics Steelband Network
7) New Dimension (tie)
7) JK Pan Vibrations (tie)
9) Hamilton Steel Youth Orchestra
10) Symphonyx
11) Pam Masters
12) CCAH
13) St. Jamestown Youth Centre
14) Metrotones

Friday, August 3, 2012

Pan Alive

 This is a thrilling evening displaying the musical and tonal qualities of the steel pan as members of the Ontario Steelpan Association compete before a panel of judges. This show is the best opportunity to hear this wonderful instrument in all its glory. This event highlights the talent of pannists ranging in age from early teens to adults as they perform their original renditions
Lamport Stadium 1151 King Street West, Toronto, ON
Cost: Advance $25.00

Thursday, August 2, 2012

King and Queen Competition Unofficial Results

Here are the "unofficial" results of tonight's King and Queen Competition... 

King of the Band
1st place- Carnival Nationz
2nd place- Fantazia International
3rd place- Mas Toronto 

Queen of the Band
1st place- Carnival Nationz
2nd place- Tribal Knights
3rd place- TruDynasty

Male Individual
1st place- Fantazia International
2nd place- Carnival Nationz
3rd place- Louis Saldenah

Female Individual 
1st place- Fantazia International
2nd place- Carnival Nationz
3rd place- Louis Saldenah

Ontario Science Center Innovation and Design Award
Renaissance Mas Productions

Congratulations to all of tonight's winners and participants!

Carnival Makeup

One more day until the parade! 
I hope all of the final preparations before the big day is going well. 

Last year, I started a series of posts on the blog known as Makeup Mondays, which was intended to showcase MUAs in addition to give readers ideas for their carnival makeup look. 

This year, I am happy to share the work of Makeup Artist Shannon Cockburn. 

  A client showcasing a carnival makeup application by Shannon Cockburn

Shannon is a talented makeup artist from Trinidad and Tobago. She was trained at the London School of Beauty and specializes in makeup for fashion shows, T.V., film, bridal, photography, portfolios and special occasions. From looking at her facebook fan page, it was definitely cool to see that she has worked with artistes such as Kes the Band and has provided the looks on several of their music videos! 

Here are some pictures of some of her carnival and fantasy makeup applications...  

Shannon was also able to provide a few carnival makeup "Tips and Tricks"
  1.  Don’t underestimate the power of a good foundation. It adds another layer of protection from the sun’s harmful rays.
  2. If you’re using false lashes, don’t waste your time with the lash glue that comes in the pack. Invest in lash glue that will last through the heat and sweat. Try Duo Lash Glue available at MAC Makeup counters and stores. 
  3.  Don’t waste money on expensive “fix it” sprays. An inexpensive way to get your make-up to last is to set it using a light misting of hairspray after you’ve finished your look.
  4. Gems and rhinestones can be applied using Spirit Gum, which is stronger than any lash glue but note it must not be used near the eyes.

Thanks Shannon for the pictures and makeup tips.
 For more information on Shannon check out her facebook fan page here.

Stay tuned for more carnival looks and features on makeup artists in Toronto and abroad!


Calypso Monarch Competition 

1st Macomere Fifi – Eulith Tara Woods
2nd Structure – Bryan Thornhill
3rd Dennis James
4th Calypso Web – Hamilton Alexander
5th Beginner - Michael Moore
6th Connector – Joel Davis
7th Redman – Michael Thomas
8th Panman Pat - Pat Mc Neilly
9th The Crooner – Bill Newman


BEST LYRICS: Structure – The Ship Wreck
BEST MELODY: Dennis James – Now I am Sixty-five
BEST PRESENTATION: Connector – Showcase We Culture
MOST ORIGINAL CALYPSO: Calypso Web – Grandpa I Can’t Understand
BEST RENDITION: Dennis James – Now I am Sixty-five
MOST HUMOUROUS CALYPSO: Dennis James – Now I am Sixty-five
BEST ARRANGEMENT: Carlyle Bailey – Tell Me Why
PEOPLE’S CHOICE: Macomere Fifi

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

King and Queen Competition

The Allan Lamport Stadium becomes an outdoor theatrical stage where the Kings and Queens of the bands along with individuals compete to be the best of the best. They give the audience the opportunity to appreciate the talent and artistic skill of the designers and costumer builders. The Ontario Science Center continues to award a special prize for the best environment use of material in a costume

Date: August 2nd, 2012

 Cost: Advance $30.00 / Gate $35.00 / Seniors $30.00 / V.I.P $100.00 VIP / Group (min 25-30) - $2400

Location:  Lamport Stadium-1151 King St W Toronto, ON

This is always a great event to go to! Here are some pictures from last year's event. 

Toronto Revellers Costume Pick Up

Pick Up Schedule
Beauty | Christiane | Wed. 5 - 8
Song | Candice | Wed. 7-10
Loyalty | Natalie | Wed. 5-10
Sunset | Natalie W. | Thurs.  5-9

Om Shanti | Wed.

Phagwa | Fri.
NOTE: We will be accepting cash ONLY for remaining balances upon pick up.

Please feel free to contact your section leader directly with any questions you may have.