Sunday, April 29, 2012

Renaissance Mas Productions: "Gods & Goddesses: Myths of Ancient Worlds" Preview

This afternoon Renaissance Mas Productions Band held their launch for their 2K12 presentation "Gods & Goddesses: Myths of Ancient Worlds". 

 At the launch, Renaissance Mas Productions showcased both their kiddies and adult costumes and this contributed to developing a family atmosphere. I also liked that the launch was held on a Sunday afternoon, rather than on a Saturday evening, which avoided there being two launches on the same night.

The launch started at 6:00pm and 7 sections were showcased. The designs were well done and my favorite was Dark Waters (blue). The blue and gold combination and sari type headpiece was really unique and popped on the models. I also appreciated the length of time models were out on the stage, as it allowed for more photo opportunities. Specifically, after the runway portion was completed, the models returned to mingle, dance and give hugs to family and friends.  It was also nice to see that representatives of the Festival Management Committee were in attendance and invited on stage for acknowledgment and pictures.
 Overall, the vibe was definitely positive. 
Good work Renaissance Mas Productions and best of luck with the 2K12 carnival season.

In case you missed the launch, here are some photos: 


To view more pictures, click here

Check out Renaissance Mas Productions website for more information

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