Saturday, October 15, 2011

CNZ Appreciation Fete

2011 was a fantastic year for us. Please come and celebrate with us Saturday October 15th at the Carnival Nationz Appreciation and Victory Event
Adm: All Carnival Nationz Masqueraders are FREE with this invite before 12.

Did not play with Carnival Nationz this year? Don't worry we welcome you to come celebrate with us for $15 with the invite/flyer
We appreciate YOU the masquerader...the Carnival Nationz masquerader.

You came to our band launch
You registered early
You sold out every section
You brought your children to play mas with our children
You cheered for our king, queen and individuals and
You enjoyed every minute on the road with us.
We appreciate YOU cause you appreciate US

55 Nugget Avenue
Scarborough, Ontario

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