Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Makeup- Featured Look

Are you wondering what to do about makeup for the parade?
Today's featured artist Taysh may be of some help to you!

The inspiration for today's look was Carnival Nationz Pegasus

Here is the makeup look:

My model was given a very simple look using white concealer creating a feathered look around one eye oppose to both while the other eye stayed simple and classic.

Both eyes were then contoured with grey shadow and given a hit of back glitter shadow to create intensity especially because the costume has hints of black and white feathers.

Eyes were then rimmed in black waterproof eyeliner.

Grey shadow was used as demarcation to break the white and add flare to the eyes giving people different points to look at throughout the face.

With a little silver on the lips mixed with some gloss you have a makeup look that will last the entire day.
To add more drama on the road lashes and jewels with carry the look.

Taysh will be doing makeup for $20 on caribana
Contact Information:​/

P.S. Any artists that would like to be featured, please contact me at

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