Monday, May 30, 2011

Upcoming Event

Imagine yourself walking into a large, dynamic space flooded with images of strength, resilience, vulnerability, beauty, peace, tranquility, love, sex, power, energy – Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the AfroChic experience. AfroChic will be hosting an event On Saturday June 11th, a Cultural Arts & Exhibit Showcase featuring a fashion show, performances and visual art. Then on Saturday June 12th AfroChic will be hosting a Community Voices Brunch featuring an esteemed panel of speakers discussing sensitive and important topics in the Black community.

AfroChic will be hosting an interactive afternoon with the essentials: good food and conversation. Brunch will be enjoyed in the first hour, followed by an engaging discussion by leaders in our community: Amanda Parris, Nation Cheong, Nneka Elliot, Dion Walcott, Dr. Njoki Wane, and Lincoln Anthony Blades. The event will be mediated by the charming and well spoken Akil D.
The panel will give their opinions on the positive change in the community as well as our challenges, and most importantly give feedback on how we can make a difference. Topics will include: the body esthetic, black sexuality, African nostalgia and education, chemical skin bleaching, and healthy relationships.

Best of all, the audience will be given the opportunity to comment or pose questions to the panelists towards the end. What better way to spend a Sunday?

Cost: Brunch & Panel, $25
Panel only, $10

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