Monday, May 2, 2011

Toronto Revellers- Welcome to Oz

A Collaborative effort was in full effect on Saturday. Special Thanks to Samantha for your photos and feedback on Toronto Reveller's launch!

Unlike most launches, this year Toronto Revellers built an outdoor venue to display their 2K11 presentation "Welcome to Oz"

Dj's kept the vibe nice as the crowd progressively grew in size. Toronto Revellers range of appeal was evident as the launch drew a mature crowd in addition to younger masquraders. A VIP like section was also set up with two rows of reserved seating.

The launch started at around 12:00am and 13 sections were displayed...

Over the Rainbow

Emerald City

Wizards Fury

Yellow Brick Road

 Wicked and Winkie Guard

The Scarecrow


Glinda and Lollipop Guild



Weathering the Storm


Witch of the East and Fly

Good Job Toronto Revellers!

So now that you have seen the sections? What do you think?


  1. Favorites are Wizards Fury, Emerald City and Heartless (I really like their choice of name for that section, rather than just calling it the obvious such as Tin Man) I think Weathering the Storm is simple and could use a bit more to jazz it up. Ruby is a bit too red for me.

  2. I'm not wowed over all.
    But I'm feeling "Over the Rainbow" and "Wicked and Winkie Guard" front only.

  3. I love Emerald City, love the shades of green, real sexy. That's my only choice I would play in. The red is too red for me. Lion costume ok. Over the rainbow is a bit dull feathers. The orange frontline is ok, too big for me, how I'm going to wine to the side. way too much feathers. Tinman look kinda out of space or in the future Tinman. The yellow is nice but why is the back of the belt so plain.

  4. I absolutely love the Emerald City Frontline!!! That would be my first choice. And I think the Male Heartless is incredible. I also like Over the Rainbow and the Wicked Frontline.

  5. I agree with you De Cocoa Panyol, Emerald City Frontline is hotttt.
    I'm actually drawn to Heartless because it's somewhat futuristic and out of the box lol. My other favorites are Follow the yellow brick road and Wizard's fury. I love the bright colors.

  6. Tin Man great concept
    I not a fan grew but I like the front line
    Weathering The storm is sophisicated
    I like the caged bra of Glinda and love the back line head piece and the big lollipop

  7. I love that all of the models aren't light-skinned and skinny with abs (*cough* Carnival Nations *cough cough*).

    Some of the costumes are nice - I like emerald city... and I like the yellow brick road fullpiece. There is soooooooooooo much going on with that scarecrow section. So very much.

  8. I love the Over the Rainbow headpiece too.

  9. LOL Sugarcityintdot. I agree. Toronto Revellers did a good job in choosing models of various skin tones and sizes.