Saturday, May 14, 2011

Secrets of the Outer Limits

Last night was the highly anticipated Saldenah bandlaunch for their presentation Secrets of the Outer Limits. The show started at approximately 12:15 and the crowd was treated to 16 beautiful sections.
Special Thanks to Candace Dawn Photography for taking these great pictures.
(Contact info:


Galactic Tango

Lunar Eclipse


Black Hole

Vixens of Venus

Haley's Comet

Cosmic Bliss

Cosmic Nebula

Solar Flare

Frozen abyss


D Visitors

Supernova blast

Milky Way

The Keeper of the Universe

Mother of the Universe
(This section was designed for the mature masquarder. It was really nice)
Check out more pictures from the launch by Candace on Tdotexposed HERE

Overall I must say Saldenah is really giving the other bands a run for their money with this presentation.
Great Job and Best of Luck for the 2K11 season!!


  1. Solar flare frontline and the last 2 in Cosmic Bliss make me really sad that they didn't launch before I paid my money to Carnival Nationz. :(

  2. Cosmic Bliss- Oh my!!!! I can say that I am VERY impressed with Saldenah's costumes this year

  3. Yes i have to agree with the above posters... comic bliss.. YES! Saldenah is coming nice this year i must say. No comment on Carnival Nationz *angry face*

  4. I totally agree with the coments above. Saldenah did a really good job and if they win, it's because they deserve it. Unfortunately inject already registered with nationz... Anyone want a pixie costume to by lol??

  5. Saldenah's costumes are really nice. I like that they used bright colors and combinations. I think the competition for band of the year will be interesting. All bands seem to be steppin it up. Judging from the comments, I think for a future post an interesting discussion maybe "what keeps you with a band, the costumes or the service, or maybe both..."

  6. They are amazing! And if anyone has a nice front line costume from Nations they no longer want, I can probably take it off for you if it fits lol.

    I bet a lot of Nation registerees are having second thoughts now.

  7. LOL Anon 2:28pm your comment about the frontline costume made me laugh lol. I have one, but I'm going to hold on to it : ).

    Your post raises an intersting point. Based on the order of band launches, I find masquarders often have to make a quick decision due to fear that the section they want will sell out. But at the same time, in acting fast it may limit someone from checking out other options if that band launch happens later in the season (imo)