Sunday, May 15, 2011

Questions and Answers for the Caribana Newbie- Section Selection

For the second Q&A for the Caribana Newbie the topic up for discussion is Section Selection. (I know this is not quite in order, as band selection would logically come first, but I figure with the hype and mad dash with registration this past week, we might as well discuss it now :p)

(Prior to the Q&A here's a Disclaimer alert lol. The answers below is what I would say. Mind you if you were to ask someone else you may get a completely different response. And that is ok! Everyone has their own views as to what is important to them for choosing a section. I am definitely encouraging collaboration and discussion of ideas/views. So if you agree/disagree with me, feel free to add in your two cents : )

Sooo with that said here is a question on section selection...  

Q: What section are YOU playing in?
A: I choose the section based on three things. 
(The first two are the most important to me... keep in mind my disclaimer lol)  

I choose the section based on what I think will compliment my complexion. I also take into consideration which colour I played in last year or the year before. (So for me since I played in pink last year, more than likely I would not choose pink this year.... there are the few exceptions though lol)

With section selection I also take into account the design of the costume. So I look at the coverage such as how wide the belt is, the type of bra option- cage bra, regular bra, etc. I also look at the aesthetics of the costume: jewelled, the design, headpiece.
I think it is really important to play in a section that you will be comfortable in. Try envisioning yourself in that costume, do you see yourself having a good time? Or even prior to getting on the road do you have fears/inhibitions (if the last one is the case, you might want to rethink choosing that section)

The decision to play in a section may also take into account a group consensus from your friends. This was definitely the case for me in my earlier years of playing. Oh the memories of taking group photos in our matching costumes : )
Fast forward to today, for me the friends aspect isn't my main concern with choosing a section (Sorry guys, you know I still love you lol) 

 The main reason is because I take into account #1 and 2 in addition to the cost of the costume. When I think about my friends, we are all of different shades, body types, comfort levels, etc. Therefore what may look good on her may not necessarily look good on me or what she is comfortable with, I may not necessarily be etc. Also, in considering the amount of money that is spent on a backline, let alone on a frontline costume for me, the costume I choose I must LOVE (It can't be yeh girl it's kool, or yeh I like it. I need to say that is the one!)

Apart from the above, the fourth thing that one may take into account for section selection is the section leader. One great experience in a section from a previous year could equate to having a fan club or loyal following in future years. One bad experience could lead to lost trust and the infamous saying "Never Again!" lol (Both situations I have seen happen before)

In the end it may really just boil down to what the individual holds as the priority. Is the costume the most important? Or maybe it's the satisfaction of knowing you will be getting exactly what you paid for? Or maybe the fun of Caribana is being with your friends from start to finish?
 (Keep in mind though once everyone crosses the stage, the entire band mix up together anyway... lol I'm biased -Good thing I wrote the disclaimer ;)

So what do you think?
What goes into your decision making process for choosing a section?
Would you go SOLO in a section? Or is it all about your CREW?


  1. When it comes to Caribana it's all about me lol. I have to find something that I'll die for and be certain that I get what I paid for to. Also since I rely on public transportation to get on and off the route I have to think, will it fit on the bus? If not, would I be able to walk?

  2. Thanks for your comment! I am right there with you on a few of the points you touched on. I usually take the go train to and from. But this year since I have a big backpack, I might need to consider driving.

  3. this will be my first year playing in caribana.... i picked the costume that stood out to me the most!!!! my friend decided to choose the same section be either way as long as i have liquor and music i'm fine

  4. I hear you Anon 7:29 on picking a stand out costume!! All the best on your first caribana playin mas!

  5. Hey Collabo,
    you said you have a big backpack...hmmmm, are you playing with nationz? saldenah? revellers?

  6. Hey Anon 7:12,
    Good question lol! But how come you only listed those three? hmmmm :p
    I'm playing in nationz

  7. @ Collabo 7.38 - I was just going to say nationz, but then I figured I should throw a few more band names in there :)LOL.

    I'm playing with nationz too and can't wait!

  8. LOL! @ Anon 8:44. I'm excited to (Hopefully the weather will cooperate)

    One post I am planning to do in the future is a roll call- to see what band/section readers are playing in. So I hope you will stay tuned : )