Sunday, May 1, 2011

Callaloo- Native Americas

* Added more pictures, special thanks to Candace*  : )
This Saturday was a busy night for band launches! Three were held on the same night!
(I really wish each band could launch on a separate night as it would make it easier to attend all)

Held in a popular Scarborough location Callaloo's launched their theme "Native Americas"
Prior to the mas presentation the audience was treated to a  performance by Vincentian soca artiste Zoela. Performing popular hits like More Water, Go Down Low and Fly Away, Zoela also gave a sneak preview of one of her new songs.

The mas presentation started at approximately 1:13am and 10 sections were displayed.
(The showstopper was saved for last! ; )

The sections included:

Lenni Tribe

Last of The Mohicans

Native Apachies

Brazilian Amerindians


Tribal Princess of Maidu

Lost City of the Incas

Caribbean Caribs

Sacrificial Mayan Virgins

Tribal Princess of Cheynne

Good Job Callaloo!
All the best for the 2K11 Caribana Season.


  1. The Tribal Princess of Cheynne frontline is pretty, wings are amazing and so big, backline is nice too.
    The red costume is nice also.
    The pruple costume is nice.
    Good Job is a step up from last year.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I really like Tribal Princess of Cheynne also.
    The green costume and red costume are in my top three.

  3. OMG, I absolutely love the wings on frontline tribal princess... soooo different and very sexy. Waiting to see what nationz brings this weekend before I decide...3 DAYS!!!!!