Monday, May 30, 2011

Upcoming Event

Imagine yourself walking into a large, dynamic space flooded with images of strength, resilience, vulnerability, beauty, peace, tranquility, love, sex, power, energy – Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the AfroChic experience. AfroChic will be hosting an event On Saturday June 11th, a Cultural Arts & Exhibit Showcase featuring a fashion show, performances and visual art. Then on Saturday June 12th AfroChic will be hosting a Community Voices Brunch featuring an esteemed panel of speakers discussing sensitive and important topics in the Black community.

AfroChic will be hosting an interactive afternoon with the essentials: good food and conversation. Brunch will be enjoyed in the first hour, followed by an engaging discussion by leaders in our community: Amanda Parris, Nation Cheong, Nneka Elliot, Dion Walcott, Dr. Njoki Wane, and Lincoln Anthony Blades. The event will be mediated by the charming and well spoken Akil D.
The panel will give their opinions on the positive change in the community as well as our challenges, and most importantly give feedback on how we can make a difference. Topics will include: the body esthetic, black sexuality, African nostalgia and education, chemical skin bleaching, and healthy relationships.

Best of all, the audience will be given the opportunity to comment or pose questions to the panelists towards the end. What better way to spend a Sunday?

Cost: Brunch & Panel, $25
Panel only, $10

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mas Players International launch

This past Friday Mas Players International was the final band to launch for the 2K11 season with their theme Fairytale Fantasies

Sections reminiscent of movies and stories definitely brought back childhood memories!
Special thanks to Whitney for allowing me to take backstage pictures!


Under the Sea

Never Never Land

Atihan Aklans

Princess Fairies

Azamara Dancers


Chidine's curse

Rags to Riches

Good Job Mas Players International!
2K11 Adult Band Launch Season has officially ended!

Next up.... Roll Call! ; )
and Kiddies Carnival Information

Spirit of the Caribbean Bandlaunch

Here are some pictures from Spirit of the Caribbean bandlaunch posted on Torontolime.

Click HERE to view more pictures.

Good job Spirit of Caribbean and all the best in the 2K11 season. 

Bitter Lemon Launch

Here are some pictures from Bitter Lemon 2011 band launch presentation posted on Torontolime:

Click HERE to see more pictures.
Good job Bitter Lemon and all the best for the 2K11 season.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Questions and Answers- Deciding on a Band

For the third Question and Answer for the (formerly known as Caribana now Scotiabank International Carnival) Newbie lol band selection is the topic up for discussion.

 This year I heard and saw many people debate as to which band to play with for 2K11.  Similiar to choosing a section, choosing a band may take into consideration many factors.
(Prior to the Q&A once again here is my trusty Disclaimer lol. The answers below is what I would say. Mind you if you were to ask someone else you may get a completely different response. And that is ok! Everyone has their own views as to what is important to them for choosing a band. I am definitely encouraging collaboration and discussion of ideas/views. So if you agree/disagree with me, feel free to add in your two cents : )

Now onto the Q&A

Q: Which Band should I play with?
A: The decision to play with a band could be based on several factors:

1. Loyalty
Loyalty may be a big factor in choosing a band. After several years of positive experience and familiarity a masquarder may feel they no longer need to look elsewhere and have a band of choice that they will support every year.

2. Word of Mouth
Word of Mouth is something I personally think contributes to the decision for someone to play in a band. New masquarders may often rely on the word of mouth experience of their friends or acquantances when it comes to their decision on playing. On the other hand, seasoned masquarders who may be looking to test the waters and try a new band out, may also rely on word of mouth on past experiences to determine if it is worth while making the switch.

3. The Order the Band Crosses the Stage
The position of the band crossing the stage for judging is a factor that may be taken into consideration for some in choosing a band. Due to the outdoor atmosphere of the parade, crossing the stage earlier as to later, often means less congestion going down lakeshore (especially considering Stormers*)
*If you don't know what is meant by Stormers and think I'm referring to thunder showers, stayed tuned for future posts on this!!! lol

4. Security
Having a sence of security while on the road may be a factor people take into consideration when picking a band. Some bands may use rope, walking fences and security guards to try to keep order in place and masquarders safe while having fun.

5. The Costumes
In the end, loyalty, "the he say, she say", order of crossing the stage, or security may not really matter to some. In that their decision for a choosing a band may come down to which band has the costume they want to play in.

The above are some of the factors that came to mind when choosing a band.
What is most important to you for choosing a band?
Was this year harder to choose than previous years?
Did you jump ship this year? If so why did you make the switch to a new band?

In terms of launches this year, what do you want to see bands improve on?
(ex. diverse models, punctuality, etc)

The Wrap Up.... And Up in coming....

After a good two months, this weekend will mark the end to 2K11 Band Launch Season.

This Friday Mas Players International launches their theme Fairytale Fantasies

Check out below for more details....

With Band Launch Season wrapping up, it's now onto the planning and preparation for the
Scotiaband Caribbean Carnival (formerly known as Caribana)

In June TheCollabo will also be launching some series of our own!!! Wondering what to do about your makeup for the lakeshore? Or are you interested in customizing your footwear!!! And of course can't forget about Fitness Friday's!
Don't worry we have a lot of great information and posts coming up!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Long Weekend

 Band Launch season is slowly wrapping up, with two launches taking place during the Victoria Day Long Weekend 

  Bitter Lemon Carnival launches this Saturday
 @Peard Rd, Victoria Park/St. Clair (Legion Hall)

Barbados Ambassadors of Canada present their lauch Spirits of the Caribbean this Sunday @ Continental Soiree.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fantazia International Band Launch

Here are some pictures from Fantazia International's presentation of "Come Dance with Me" posted on Torontolime.

CLICK HERE to view more pics on Torontolime

Good Job Fantazia International.
(The gold and yellow sections are my favorites)

Best of Luck for 2K11