Sunday, April 17, 2011

Teaser- Blues Carnival Fusion

I was really impressed with Blues Carnival Fusion presentation. The section colors were beautiful and will definitely pop in sunlight. I know we usually focus on female costumes, but I have to mention the male costumes for this band! Good job, they were really well decorated.  Lastly kudos for allowing the models to stay on stage and dance for a prolonged length of time. It gave spectators the opportunity to really see how the costume moves and take more pics!!! ; )

Now on to the sections:
Midnight Sun: Orange

Seduction: Teal

Time Warriors- White

Romance: Pink

Reflection- Aqua

Rebirth- Red
(Usually I'm not into red costumes, but this one is fierce!)

Overall Great job on your presentation Blues Carnival Fusion.
Best of luck for Caribana 2011
Check out their website HERE

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