Sunday, April 3, 2011


In case you missed it last night Tribal Knights presented their 2011 Presentation- LEGENDS.

Arriving at the venue around 11:30pm, finding nearby parking was like finding a needle in a haystack lol. (The parking lot was packed!!!  Cars were even parked on the grass. This was definitely a good indication of the support and intrigue pertaining the lauch : )

Immediately upon entering we proceeded to the front of the stage to secure a spot to take pictures. The venue for the launch was really nice and you could tell a lot of effort went into the lighting and stage preparation. The Dj's were on point and kept the vibe going strong as the crowd continued to grow in size. The launch officially started at about 12:42am. In total 12 beautiful costumes portrayed legendary people and places:

1.  La Femme Fatale: Colors– Base is Gold, fushia, and lime green

2. The Dream Catcher: Colors – Base is White, silver and teal

3. Legends of the Rain Forest: Colors – Base is Lime Green, and purple

4. The Legend of the Black Pearl: Colors – Base is White, black and crystal (iridescent)

5. Lost Treasures: Colors – Base is Peach, gold, and pink

6. Legends of Spain: Colors – Base is red, lilac and baby blue

7. Legends of Cleopatra: Colors – Base is white, turquoise, red , gold, and purple

8. One Love: Colors– Base is beige, emerald green, gold, and red

9. Legends of the Orient: Colors– Base is yellow, orange, emerald green, gold
(Proceeds from this section will be going to help  the victims in Japan. Good Job TK)

10. Legends of Olympus: Colors– Base Turquoise, teal, silver (iridescent)

11. The Northern Lights: Colors – Base is dark purple, light pink, turquoise and silver

12. The Legend of Africa: Colors – Base is beige and leopard, black, white, gold, brown, and emerald green

Overall we had an enjoyable time. Congrats to the Tribal Knights team and models on a job well done!!!!
(Great way to kick off the 2011 launches)

So now that you know the names and have seen some pictures do you have a favorite section???

On a side note I want to personally thank M.B and S.A for all your help thus far!!! Thank you! = )


  1. Looks like Tribal Knights has started their registration process on their website. Prices are pretty good. Just wished all the pictures of the different options were available.

  2. All of the section pics are now online. Check out their website.