Friday, April 29, 2011


As I am currently in the process of solidifying a workout regimen for the summer, for my third Fitness Friday post I wanted to share my experience in an excellent group fitness class called Socacize™.  

If unfamiliar with Socacize™ you may be wondering what it is?

Founded by Ayana Lee Rivears, Socacize™ is a creative blend of high/low impact aerobics combined with African and Caribbean dance moves.
This form of exercise focuses on cardio, weight and strength training, toning and tightening drills to help you tone those trouble spots: arms, abs, legs and butt.


Subsequent to being informed by a friend Socacize™  classes were offered at Extreme Fitness on Tuesday evenings, I decided to check the class out.  The decision to attend was quite easy considering the previous positive experiences I had attending Socacize™ classes held in the community and also because I wanted to make the most out of my gym membership. Though this was only my second week of attending the class, I can definitely say long gone are my Tuesday nights at home lol.

The hour long class was broken down into 4 sections: Baccanal Warm up, Soca Jam,Wine and Tone, Groovy Stretch.

I can definitely say the question in the logo "Are you ready to sweat?" is a good one to ask, because it is sooooo true.  By the time the warm up was done and progressed into the jam session I had already started to perspire. 

From squatting, to lunging, jumping, or wining down to the ground, you name it we did it. lol (I can't even lie, at some points I had to take a break ie. squatting, holding and pulsing on your tippy toes was turning into serious situation lol. Luckily for me I was in the back :)

I think what I enjoy most about Socacize™ is the music. I love that the class includes working out to the latest tunes in addition to old favorites. I also find with the music and atmosphere, often you lose any previously held inhibitions and just go with it. (For example- the workout routine for Machel's Illegal, lol you probably would never catch me drop to the ground in a fete, but in Socacize... it is quite possible lol ; )

Apart from the good music and positive atmosphere, you maybe wondering what are the benefits of Socacize™?
There are several benefits of Socacize™ which include:
1. Improves your mood
2. Combats chronic diseases
3. Helps manage your weight
4. Strengthens your heart and lungs
5. IT'S FUN!!!

Overall, my experience thus far with participating in Socacize™ has been positive. The instructor is energetic and approachable. Subsequent to the class I took the opportunity to ask a few questions:

Q&A with Socacize™ Instructor Camika

Is Socacize intended for a specific fitness level or age group? (Is it suitable various fitness levels such as beginner, intermediate or advanced?)

Socacize targets all age groups. Whether beginner or advanced, everyone will be able to participate. You need to push yourself but also know your limit.
(From my personal observation of the composition of the class, individuals were of various ages and fitness levels. I also noticed on the Socacize website they are now offering a Socacize kids. Click here  for more details)

What do you like most about Socacize™?

What I LOVE about Socacize (as an Instructor) is seeing the changes and the smiles on my participants face. Knowing that they are turning their health around and seeing how much FUN they have doing it is priceless! Best of all you don't feel like you're working out. It's always a party and such a positive environment to be in.

Hopefully this post has provided you with information on my experience with Socacize™.
For more information check out their website at:

Please note however, prior to starting any exercise program consultation with your doctor may be recommended. If you are between the ages of 15-69 years, the PAR-Q questionnaire will help determine whether you should consult  with your doctor prior to engaging in physical activity. Click Here for more information on the PAR-Q. I will be doing a post on this topic in the future.

Special Thanks goes out to Samantha for your help with the pictures and video, Camika, and the Extreme Socacize class.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

De Party Brigade Presents- Splash of Colours

The third band launch taking place this Saturday by De Party Brigade.
This band will make history as the first ever Grenadian band

Section names have already been released and include:
Modern Day Jab Jab, We'Ting, Annadale, Rainbow City and Shortknee

Location Information:

Toronto, ON

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The New Callaloo... Native Americas

The New Callaloo is launching their theme "Native Americas"

Saturday definitely looks like it is going to be busy! I think my friends and I will be splitting up and attempting to cover the several launches taking place that night.
(Secretly I wish each band would launch on a separate night. That way there wouldn't be split decisions and everyone could enjoy them all)

Below is more info on the launch:

The "Callaloo for Cash" is an interesting incentive: Bring anyone to play mas and receive $10 cash.

The Dj line up also looks really good! Will you be attending???

Follow the Yellow Brick Road.... to Emerald City

It's back to business, with three band launches taking place on Saturday.

(I wish each band launched on a separate night because it would make it easier to attend all!! Juss saying :p ) Oh well, If there is a will there is a way!

Hopefully from the title you were able to guess Toronto Reveller's theme....


I remember watching the Wizard of Oz back in the day, so this theme definitely sparked an interest.

Any guesses on possible sections????

Tin Man, Lion, Scarecrow...

Glenda the Good Witch

Or Maybe there will be...

A Wicked Witch section!

I'm guessing one section will incorporate Ruby Red

(I could be completely off the mark, either way the anticipation builds... lol)

If you're planning on following the yellow brick road to Emerald City here's some info:

Will you be at Emerald City this Saturday??? You may just run into...

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My...
Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My... Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Black Sage- From Rags to Riches

Unfortunately I was unable to attend Black Sage's launch, but pictures are viewable on Good Job on the Presentation!

Teaser- Blues Carnival Fusion

I was really impressed with Blues Carnival Fusion presentation. The section colors were beautiful and will definitely pop in sunlight. I know we usually focus on female costumes, but I have to mention the male costumes for this band! Good job, they were really well decorated.  Lastly kudos for allowing the models to stay on stage and dance for a prolonged length of time. It gave spectators the opportunity to really see how the costume moves and take more pics!!! ; )

Now on to the sections:
Midnight Sun: Orange

Seduction: Teal

Time Warriors- White

Romance: Pink

Reflection- Aqua

Rebirth- Red
(Usually I'm not into red costumes, but this one is fierce!)

Overall Great job on your presentation Blues Carnival Fusion.
Best of luck for Caribana 2011
Check out their website HERE

Friday, April 15, 2011

Teaser- Tru Dynasty

This past Saturday was quite the evening! Three bandlaunches had taken place... 
(I was able to make it to two of the three... and trust me it wasn't easy lol) 
One of the band launches I attended was Tru Dynasty's presentation- "The Roaring 20's" 
Special thanks to Candace O. for taking pictures!  

Tru Dynasty did a really good job with their costumes representing their theme! Just by looking at some of the sections, you can immediately tell what they are portraying. I also think it was great that the models were of various complexions and sizes.
 Apart from the costumes, the band leaders are extremely nice!! (Very approachable)

Now on to the sections:


Josephine Baker

Match Girls

All That Jazz


Double Bubble

 Speak Easy


Coco Chanel

Job Well Done Tru Dynasty!!!!!
All the Best for the 2011 Season
For more information check out their website HERE