Saturday, March 21, 2020

Carnival, COVID-19 and The Economic Impact?

We are certainty in an unprecedented time around the world, with the global pandemic of COVID-19 (corona virus). It is my hope that everyone is keeping well and navigating the current situation with support, strength and perseverance.

The impact of COVID-19 is having ripple effects within our daily lives, across our communities and at a macro level within systems. Health care and Public Health systems are responding in earnest to provide care as well as communicate how we can do our part in reducing further spread and transmission. One of the interventions recommended is social distancing. which entails increasing the physical distance between people in addition to avoidance of interaction large groups and gatherings. Drawing from my lens in Public Health, this intervention is paramount in helping to slow down further spread while also flattening the surge in pressure that would be placed on the capacity of health care systems. Though there are benefits from a public health perspective, there are  trade offs and challenges that are experienced economically across all industries and as such impacting the livelihood of many around the world.

As a blog that is focused on carnival, I will be shining a spotlight on the impact to the arts, entertainment and tourism and travel industries. To do this, last week I convened a open discussion, through my thought leadership platform @themas.iv to discuss the topic of carnival, COVID-19 and the economic impact.

Tune in and share your thoughts in the comments!
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