Sunday, April 27, 2014

Saldenah- River of Mirrors Band Launch

After taking a short break over the Easter long weekend, Toronto Carnival Band Launch Season is back in full swing! On Saturday April 26th,  Saldenah held their band launch for Toronto Carnival 2014 at Kool Haus. As the 2013 defending champions, as well as having 17 overall band of the year titles, there was a lot to look forward to from the theme River of Mirrors (#ROM). Leading up to the launch, anticipation for what Saldenah had in store was heightened  with the release of several teaser videos and pictures.  

Arriving at the venue at approximately 10:15, we were happy to see there wasn't a long line up. Making our way to the door we encountered a discrepancy regarding media access. Although this was a bit disappointing, we were determined not to let that kill our vibe. A separate post on this topic will be posted later.   

Walking into Kool Haus, it was great to see there were a lot of extra touches put into the place for the evening's launch, such as a backdrop, big screens which displayed the theme as well as advertisements from sponsors. Several free give-a-ways for an upcoming party, Private Practice, as well as a boat cruise, were handed out to the onlooking cheering crowd.   

The launch was hosted by Dr. Jay and Eman. Music was provided by Soca Vibes, Jester, Wukup Productions, Invinceable Intl, Soca 101 and Aaron Saldenah. Overall, the music was great, and I happy to see that several of the biggest tunes for carnival 2k14 played during the costume presentation.

The launch started at approximately 12:40am, which was great and overall the earliest start of all the launches so far this season. In total 15 sections graced the runway.

The sections from River of Mirrors! #ROM included:



 Arawak Princess

Vortex Reflections

Mythic Warrior

Soca River


Ancient Goddess


Medieval: Royals and Rogues

Beyond Illusions






For More Pictures from the launch check out the album here.

Overall, great job Saldenah on your 2014 presentation River of Mirrors (ROM).
Additionally, we would like to extend congratulations to DesigningDaryl, who designed two sections which were absolutely amazing.
For more information check out their website at
Registration begins Saturday May 3rd, 2014

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