Wednesday, July 3, 2013

D'Regulars Arts & Cultural Group Upcoming Events

D'Regulars has several upcoming events starting with breakfast every Saturday at the mas camps from 10:00am. The menu includes some favorites including:

Fry Bake also known as Fried Dumpling
Roast Bake
Salt Fish Buljol also known as stewed Salt Fish
Smoked Herring
Fried Shark
Bok Choy
Tea/ Coffee
and Fruits
Right in time to kick of the Toronto Caribbean Festival festivities, D' Regulars will be hosting a blocko at the Mas Camp July 14.

And right in time for boatride season , they will also be hosting a boatride on July 31.

Continue to follow The Collabo Blogspot for more events leading up to Toronto Caribbean Festival!

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