Friday, May 17, 2013

Summer Fashion Lookbook: All White

Fashion: @FashEm

It is great to see there is a definite culture of feters that rock custom tanks or tees and rep their crew to the fullest at various fetes. But there are also people like myself that fete and want to go for a more comfortable chic look. Sometimes people get stuck, and there's where I come in!!! I love helping to dress people by keeping true to their style! So Beach Fete is coming up this long weekend and its an all white themed party so I've pulled a few looks for every style! Where do you fit?

#1 Conservative chic 

High waisted skinnies are back with a vengeance! Great way to show a little skin and still keep alot in!  TIP:Since its an all white party use accessories to add that pop of colour to stand out.

#2. Cute and trendy
Casual fun and cute mixed with some of the big trends right now! TIP: When pairing booty shorts and any kind of crop top together.. Use accessories to cover up a bit to keep it classy!

#3 Bohemian babe

Simple. Cute.
TIP: funky shoes or statement jewelry is the quickest way to take the simplest outfit to the next level

#4 Layered lady

Few different looks within the look! Leaving you the option to bare more as the night goes and the partier in you comes out!!!

#5 Beach beauty

For the stylish risk takers. She has it and flaunts it!... She IS the sand on the beach!
So those are my suggestions for Beach Fete...
How will you "dress to fete" this weekend??

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