Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Carnival Kicks

With band launch season in full swing and many mas camps now open, many masqueraders may have selected or are in the process of selecting their costumes to play mas in for Toronto Carnival. 

Once you have your costume picked, what's next??? 

Well why not think about how you plan to accessorize your costume? 
One of the best sources for carnival accessories, from boots, to eyelashes, to stocking is CarnivalKicks!

For more information on Carnival Kicks check out our feature interview below: 

1. What was the inspiration behind the creation of Carnival Kicks? 

The catalyst to start the business was the 6 week spent searching for the perfect pair of gold/ flat/ comfortable boots to compliment my carnival costume.  During her search Farrah realized there was a niche market here that was not being catered to. Being a Trini living abroad it was difficult to source the Carnival fineries before heading home for the season, so the idea of having a marketplace for those living in the US to get boots, stockings, glitter, etc all in one place seemed like a convenience that many would utilize. 

With a small start, a homemade website, limited inventory and a leap of faith Carnival Kicks was born.  Now in business for 4 years Carnival Kicks has a loyal following of customers around the world.  What was initially an idea catering to those living in the US burgeoned into a convenience for everyone, from Trinidad, Jamaica, Miami, Canada, Barbados, just to name a few.
Customers call and write thanking for the convenience and the products that Carnival Kicks provides.  The company has also forged great relationships with Mas troupes in North America and the Caribbean; working with some of the big names in the industry such as Tribe, Island People, Fantasy, Baje International, Tribal Knights, Carnival Nationz.  

2. Within the About Us section, Carnival Kicks is described as a marketplace of products. What types of products are available through Carnival Kicks, and how it is distinct from the products available from other vendors?

Being a die hard masquerader I know first hand what the ladies are looking for from Monday-wear to stockings and glitter. Here's a list of a few of our best-sellers. We will eventually be branching into men's shoes and kids also.
  • Boots (all colors and styles- ankle, wedge, knee high, thigh-high, etc)
  • Sneakers
  • Stocking
  • Body Art and Cosmetics (Rhinestones, Stick-on Eye makeup, glitter, body paint)
  • Eyelashes
  • Hair Accessories 
  • Jewelry
  • Fletch Dry
We recently had to discontinue our line of shorts and tank tops that were sold as Monday-wear, but these items are sold on location at the MasCamps that Carnival Kicks travels through year-round.

3.  With respect to footwear for masqueraders, what are the best options and why?

Carnival Kicks actually designs and produces our own line of boots. Our new boot aptly named the 'Sidekick" has a convenient built-in pocket that can securely hold your 'vex money', credit card, and ID while you enjoy your jump on the road.  This style comes in the basic Gold and Silver as well as blue. We will soon have more colors available in this style. We suggest this as the best option, simply because it's designed with the masquerader in mind and the basic metallic colors are a staple that can be used several times, since most costumes have a metallic accent.

Masquerader wearing the silver side kick boot

Aside from the Carnival Kicks brand we also carry lots of other popular brands of affordable boots such as Soda, Yoki, Fahrenheit, etc. We encourage customers to write reviews that would help anyone looking for their new pair of road-worthy boots.

4. What trends and styles should masqueraders keep an eye out for this year?

The new trend is definitely Fringe, although the trends come and go pretty quickly and it differs by region. As quickly as Fringe boots are in, they'll be out again for Wedge sneakers in a month or two. I'm keeping up though!

5.      What are the options available to someone interested in purchasing an item from carnival kicks?

We offer international shipping, ground shipping to the US, and express shipping. We know it can be costly to ship to our customers outside of the US so we try to form partnerships with retailers and MasCamps in the region of the upcoming carnivals to make it more convenient and affordable. For the upcoming Caribana, customers can order online and ship direct or they can order through our affiliate Leanne Amichand and collect their orders from her. For more information on all the shipping options for Caribana they can go to www.carnivalkicks.com/caribana

Contact information for Leanne:

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Saldenah Band Launch: Heaven & Earth

Last night Saldenah launched their 2K13 presentation Heaven&Earth. 
In case you missed it, here is a look at the sections!
For a review of the launch check out my blog post featured on Torontolime.
To review the full media set of pictures, please see our facebook page


Angel of Beauty

Tidal Wave

Heaven's Bliss

Water Spirit

Fallen Angel

Volcanic Eruption


Autumn Spectacle

Sunset in Paradise


Spirit of the Earth

Aurora Borealis

Arch Angels

Sunset in the Nile

DesigningDARYL Opening Tribute section to SaldenahMas

Check out Saldenah's website here