Sunday, May 6, 2012

TruDYNASTY - Best of Both Worlds Preview

Last night TruDYNASTY launched their 2K12 presentation "Best of Both Worlds"
The theme was portrayed through sections which depicted the parallels between good versus evil. I was also fortunate to speak with Thea about this year's presentation and will update the post with the transcribed interview.

 As a spectator I could definitely tell a lot of thought and preparation went into the portrayal of each section. With respect to music, for example, models walked out to music which was reflective of the feel of their specific section and helped to convey the overall theme. 
 It was also clearly evident that the models had practiced and/or did a walk through prior to the launch, by noting the cohesion of the formations and poses.

Overall, I think TruDynasty did a great job in designing sections which illustrated their theme, yet was not too literal. I am also really impressed with the frontline options, which were decked out with feathers and jewels. 

In case you missed it TruDYNASTY showcased seven sections which included: 






Adam and Eve


To see more pictures click here

Good work Thea and Dario. 
And thank you for taking the time to speak with me. 

All the best for the 2K12 carnival season!

Check out TruDynasty's website for more information:

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