Sunday, May 13, 2012

Toronto Revellers "Bollywood" Launch

Last night Toronto Revellers launched their 2K12 presentation Bollywood.
They definitely did a great job creating a "Lights, Camera, Action" feel with details such as a red carpet and backdrop area, intermittent breaks between sections where the director (Jamal Magloire) yelled "cut" and live entertainment from a tassa band and bollywood dancers. 

The launch was held at the Armenian Community Centre, which was a location that I have never been to previously. From just walking through the crowded parking lot, and seeing all the cars lined up on the street you could definitely tell the venue was at capacity. 
The Bollywood feel was also portrayed in the way in which the venue was decorated, in that golden statues where strategically placed throughout the hall, in addition to a film reel across one side of the stage. They even had a grand entrance, where a chariot escorted an honored guest to the reserved seating area. 

I think Toronto Revellers did a great job of showcasing costumes that really depicted the theme really well. They also had a section which allows masqueraders to have a jouvet like experience, where they would wear their costume and be able to revel with paint, mud and powder.

In case you miss here are some pictures

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