Thursday, May 17, 2012

Talk Bout Dis... Talk Bout Dat # 2: The Tiara Trend

For my second Talk Bout Dis... Talk Bout Dat post, I figured I would write about something that I have noticed is becoming a very popular trend for Toronto 2K12 carnival.... Tiaras!

 (*picture of a tiara from Fantasy Carnival)

This year many bands have opted to give masqueraders the option of a jeweled tiara or headband instead of a feathered headpiece.

Tribal Knights- Juicy Blues

 Carnival Nationz- The Pink Dominion

 Carnival Nationz- Rio

 Saldenah- Fire and Ice

 Saldenah- Crystal Dreams

 Saldenah- Topazmic Explosion 

Saldenah- Emerald's Finest

Renaissance Mas Productions- Gracious Fortune

Renaissance Mas Productions- Lustful Destruction

Renaissance Mas Productions- Flourish

 Fantazia International- Splendid Beauty

 Black Sage Carnival


 Toronto Revellers

Toronto Revellers

In reviewing the pictures for this post, I was surprised to realize that almost every band this year has one section with a tiara type headpiece. 

I think this option may be favorable to masqueraders who don't mind a light weight jeweled tiara rather than a feathered headpiece which might get a bit hot after a few hours (and potentially leave an interesting tan afterwards lol). 

But I also know one of my girlfriends' would prefer a feathered headpiece any day. She does her best to keep it in tact on the day of, so that it can be added to her personal collection of memorabilia. I personally don't mind either option, but I do find it interesting that the tiara may eventually become part of the norm.

Some bands are offering an either/or option, where masqueraders could choose between one or the other. On the other hand, some bands may charge a little bit extra to upgrade from the tiara to headpiece. 

Sooooo what are your thoughts on the Tiara trend? 
Do you like it? 
This year will you be playing in a section with a tiara headpiece? 
Do you mind paying extra for a feathered headpiece? 

What are your thoughts? : )


  1. Overall I prefer the feathered headpiece over the tiaras, I've looked at other costumes in the Caribbean and noticed that a couple have also included the tiara. Some have very lovely designs, but overall I don't love them.

  2. I luv it! I hate headpieces. I don't ever wear any with my costume so most times it's like I'm loosing. I collect my costume with headpiece and it stays at home. Having the tiara option works great for me!!

  3. I prefer the headpieces over tiaras. Its like the centerpiece of the costume. If more bands go with tiaras, then the rest of the outfit will have to make the statement or convey the theme. Sometimes, its the headpiece that actually pulls the theme together.

  4. There are always many masqueraders who don't wear the headpieces, so these are a great option. Many fit perfectly with the costume &/or the theme, where feathers wouldn't work. I love big headpieces, but for those who want a simpler look, these are nice. Maybe one year I'd wear one if it worked overall with the entire costume though.

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments! I personally could go for either option, tiara or feathered headpiece. As long as it is well crafted and goes with the costume. : )