Thursday, May 31, 2012

Upcoming Launches

Hi Readers...

Though I have been m.i.a. for a bit (I am currently in the final stages of completing my masters degree woot woot! lol) here is an update on some of the upcoming launches for this weekend:

Saturday June 2nd, 2012 @ East Toronto Masonic Temple

Bands are also preparing to launch their Kiddies presentation.
This weekend Saldenah, Connections and Fantazia will be launching.
Check out below for more details:

34 Golden Gate Court,
Unit 8 @ 3:00pm


Saldenah Kiddies Carnival launch.
Sun June 3rd, at 44 Howden Rd. 1-5pm


The Persian Empire

I was browsing the web looking at costumes online and I noticed The Persian Empire section for Carnival Nationz has been revamped.

Looks nice!

Check out their website for more pictures:

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Talk Bout Dis... Talk Bout Dat # 2: The Tiara Trend

For my second Talk Bout Dis... Talk Bout Dat post, I figured I would write about something that I have noticed is becoming a very popular trend for Toronto 2K12 carnival.... Tiaras!

 (*picture of a tiara from Fantasy Carnival)

This year many bands have opted to give masqueraders the option of a jeweled tiara or headband instead of a feathered headpiece.

Tribal Knights- Juicy Blues

 Carnival Nationz- The Pink Dominion

 Carnival Nationz- Rio

 Saldenah- Fire and Ice

 Saldenah- Crystal Dreams

 Saldenah- Topazmic Explosion 

Saldenah- Emerald's Finest

Renaissance Mas Productions- Gracious Fortune

Renaissance Mas Productions- Lustful Destruction

Renaissance Mas Productions- Flourish

 Fantazia International- Splendid Beauty

 Black Sage Carnival


 Toronto Revellers

Toronto Revellers

In reviewing the pictures for this post, I was surprised to realize that almost every band this year has one section with a tiara type headpiece. 

I think this option may be favorable to masqueraders who don't mind a light weight jeweled tiara rather than a feathered headpiece which might get a bit hot after a few hours (and potentially leave an interesting tan afterwards lol). 

But I also know one of my girlfriends' would prefer a feathered headpiece any day. She does her best to keep it in tact on the day of, so that it can be added to her personal collection of memorabilia. I personally don't mind either option, but I do find it interesting that the tiara may eventually become part of the norm.

Some bands are offering an either/or option, where masqueraders could choose between one or the other. On the other hand, some bands may charge a little bit extra to upgrade from the tiara to headpiece. 

Sooooo what are your thoughts on the Tiara trend? 
Do you like it? 
This year will you be playing in a section with a tiara headpiece? 
Do you mind paying extra for a feathered headpiece? 

What are your thoughts? : )

Upcoming Events: Band Launches and A Grand Opening

This upcoming long weekend there are several events related to Toronto Carnival taking place. With regards to band launches: Mas Toronto will be launching on Saturday and Toronto Caribbean Connections will launch their 2K12 on presentation on Sunday. Carnival Revolution will also be re-launching on the Sunday evening as well.

Saturday, May 19th, 2012
Mas Toronto Band Launch
730 Military Trail, Toronto
Doors Open: 4:00pm
Show Starts: 6:00pm
$10 Admission
Food and Beverage will be available for purchase.

Toronto Caribbean Connection
May 20th, 2012

Carnival Revolution

In addition to launches, Toronto Revellers will also be having their grand opening on
 Sunday May 20th. 

Grand Opening 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Toronto Revellers "Bollywood" Launch

Last night Toronto Revellers launched their 2K12 presentation Bollywood.
They definitely did a great job creating a "Lights, Camera, Action" feel with details such as a red carpet and backdrop area, intermittent breaks between sections where the director (Jamal Magloire) yelled "cut" and live entertainment from a tassa band and bollywood dancers. 

The launch was held at the Armenian Community Centre, which was a location that I have never been to previously. From just walking through the crowded parking lot, and seeing all the cars lined up on the street you could definitely tell the venue was at capacity. 
The Bollywood feel was also portrayed in the way in which the venue was decorated, in that golden statues where strategically placed throughout the hall, in addition to a film reel across one side of the stage. They even had a grand entrance, where a chariot escorted an honored guest to the reserved seating area. 

I think Toronto Revellers did a great job of showcasing costumes that really depicted the theme really well. They also had a section which allows masqueraders to have a jouvet like experience, where they would wear their costume and be able to revel with paint, mud and powder.

In case you miss here are some pictures

For More Pictures check out 
Album 2

For more information on Toronto Revellers check out their website:

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Callaloo- The Adventures of Sinbad

As mentioned previously three band launches took place this past Saturday. Callaloo launched their 2K12 presentation "The Adventures of Sinbad" 
Special thanks goes out to Kevin and FeteNet for taking pictures!

In case you missed the launched, please see below for photos. 
Also for more information, check out Callaloo's website at

Monday, May 7, 2012

Fantazia International: "Wonders of the Enchanted Rainforest" Preview

On Saturday evening Fantazia International launched their 2K12 Toronto carnival presentation: 
Wonders of the Enchanted Rainforest
A collaborative effort was in full force and special thanks goes out to Samantha and Kevin for taking pictures of the launch. 

In case you missed the presentation, here are some pictures:

For more pictures click here

Check out Fantazia's website for more information:

Sunday, May 6, 2012

TruDYNASTY - Best of Both Worlds Preview

Last night TruDYNASTY launched their 2K12 presentation "Best of Both Worlds"
The theme was portrayed through sections which depicted the parallels between good versus evil. I was also fortunate to speak with Thea about this year's presentation and will update the post with the transcribed interview.

 As a spectator I could definitely tell a lot of thought and preparation went into the portrayal of each section. With respect to music, for example, models walked out to music which was reflective of the feel of their specific section and helped to convey the overall theme. 
 It was also clearly evident that the models had practiced and/or did a walk through prior to the launch, by noting the cohesion of the formations and poses.

Overall, I think TruDynasty did a great job in designing sections which illustrated their theme, yet was not too literal. I am also really impressed with the frontline options, which were decked out with feathers and jewels. 

In case you missed it TruDYNASTY showcased seven sections which included: 






Adam and Eve


To see more pictures click here

Good work Thea and Dario. 
And thank you for taking the time to speak with me. 

All the best for the 2K12 carnival season!

Check out TruDynasty's website for more information: