Sunday, April 22, 2012

Carnival Nationz Empires

I know these pictures are high in demand (especially with registration starting today) So I have literally been up since the launch cropping and watermarking pictures! Between reviewing the pics taken by three people (Candace, Sam and myself) it sure can take a while (500+ photos).
 Still have yet to look through my own photos.... Until then... 
Check out some pictures below from Carnival Nationz 2K12 presentation "EMPIRES"

For More pictures Check out the albums posted on facebook
Album 2

What are your thoughts?????

I'm off for some much needed sleep!
*May likely add more and some video when I wake up lolol

Check out Carnival Nationz website for more information:


  1. sparta is my section i play with ross every year my section look great

  2. Hey Anon,
    Thanks for posting! Sounds like you got your section picked! Niceness. I really liked the headpiece design of Sparta and also the makeup. (I think the way the makeup was done for that section was actually my favorite of the night)