Monday, April 16, 2012

Blues Carnival Fusion: Apocalypse

Review by Candace:

Band Launches are in full swing now! Yessss! I had the pleasure of going to Blues Carnival Fusion's band launching on Saturday evening at Hickory House. 

Due to a lot of running around and my mother's birthday, I was apprehensive I would make it in time for the launch. I arrived 10 minutes before midnight and received a media press kit before I entered. 

I am impressed because this kit included a soca cd, key chain, a small booklet outlining the sections, and a small write up about Blues Carnival Fusion. The booklet also contained pictures of the kiddies sections. 

The mature crowd enjoyed themselves with the sweet sounds of soca playing as people swayed and wined waiting for the launch to start. They didn't have to wait that long because the launch started at midnight! 

I wish the stage were a bit higher, but that's minor. The costumes looked fabulous with the smoke machine and an array of lights flashing, the costumes showed really well. 

There were feathers, jewels and more feathers in the costumes. The frontline backpacks were well done too. But did y'all see the wings on the Serenity section?! I was in love! As I watched her come out with the wings, I just kept thinking she was a butterfly.

After the launch I tried to get a few questions answered by Band Leader, but after one question was answered she disappeared! And why wouldn't she?! With 2012 soca playing, I would too and wine my way around the crowd with plenty hugs and kisses.

All in all, good job Blues Carnival Fusion. Best of luck on the road this carnival season.

List of sections:

Burning Ignacia (red)

Armageddon (Royal blue/red)

Nuclear Fusion (green)

Golden Ages (yellow)
 Serenity (white & turquoise)
 For More on Blues Carnival Fusion, check them out at

You can also check out our facebook page for more pictures from the launch. 

One thing that I forgot to mention was that two bands had launched  on the same night. Though I was able to attend both, it does make things a bit more hectic. 
Two band launches down, A whole lot more to goooo!! : )


  1. I still can't believe I made it in the nick of time to Blues Carnival then just in time to Tribal Knight! I love this time of the year! Excitement!