Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Talk Bout Dis... Talk Bout Dat (Part 1)

Tomorrow will mark one month until the first band launch for the 2K12 Toronto Carnival Season. This past Friday I went out to dinner with one of my girls to catch up and you can only guess where the conversation eventually headed towards.... Toronto Carnival!!!
From discourse on theme choices, to models searches, to band sizes, to colors we want to play in, to debating on playing in the same section with friends versus playing alone, to debating whether to play at all, to discussing the reputation of a band in comparison to the reputation of the section leader, to watching King and Queen, the prices of fete tickets now a days, you name it, we talked about it. lol

Being that I like to promote collaboration and discourse of ideas and views, I wondered how to broaden the discussion to my readers.  As I was driving to work today and was listening to the song Wotless and heard Kes sing "Down south dey go Talk Bout Dis, Up town dey done Talk Bout Dat, Facebook dey go Talk Bout Dis, de media done Talk Bout Dat" I thought  to myself ain't that the truth, because people in general tend to have an opinion or something to say. As I reflect on the conversation between my friend and I, I realized we talk about it so much because we both really love the cultural and entertainment aspect of Toronto carnival.

Soooooo with that said, the whole premise behind the Talk Bout Dis, Talk Bout That posts will be to give readers a platform to join the conversation and give their opinion. Again as with the Q&A posts I must add that I not an expert on the topics, but I can share my thoughts as may anyone else. 
(It is my hope though, that the feedback or opinions shared are positive or at least constructive).

So with there being only one month left till band launch season, I think this may be a great starting point. 
Here are some questions... Feel free to give your two cents : )

1. Is there anything in particular that you would like to see with the band launches? 
(ie. with models, start time, entertainment, ticket prices, etc) 

2. Which launch or theme are you most excited or intrigued to see their portrayal?

3. Do you have any preferences on how many sections or options are portrayed? 
(ie. do you think all costume options should be shown if possible)

 Here are some of my thoughts on some of the questions:
1. It would be nice, if the costume display started on time or at a decent time (12ish or 1ish) It would be cool if costumes were modeled by models of various complexions and sizes. As an  observation, I noticed last year a few models, had modeled for multiple bands. That was a bit interesting to me, because based on some of the responses and excitement I observed about model searches I figured there are a lot of women and men who wanted an opportunity to participate in a launch.  (This is just my assumption though)

2. I'm intrigued to see all bands and will try my best to attend all the launches.

3. This is a bit of an interesting question, and I think this one really comes down to personal preference. For me, I would rather see a band display 6 really strong sections, then have 11 sections where a few are really nice and the others are ok ( I guess I prefer quality over quantity). I think it's also great when both front and back line options are displayed, and if possible any variations. 

Those are some of my personal thoughts on some of the questions. What are yours? : )

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