Friday, January 27, 2012

Toronto Carnival 2K12 Band Launch Dates

Even though it's only January many bands are getting ready for one of the most anticipated days of the summer.... Toronto Carnival!

Mark your calendars, here are some of the 2K12 band launch dates:

Carnival Revolution-Saturday, April 7, 2012
Blues Carnival Fusion- Saturday, April 14th @ Hickory House
Tribal Knights- Saturday, April 14th @ Grand Baccus Banquet Hall
Carnival Nations- Saturday April 21 @ Sound Academy
Saldenah Carnival- Saturday, April 28 @ Metropolitan Centre
Renaissance Mas- Sunday, April 29 @ Continental Soiree
Black Sage, Friday May 4 @ Barney's Joint
Fantazia International- Saturday, May 5th @ Continental Soiree
 Callaloo-Saturday, May 5, 2012
Connections- Sunday, May 27 

(Tickets for Tribal Knights, Carnival Nationz, Saldenah, Renaissance Mas, Black Sage & Tru Dynasty launch are available online)

What are your thoughts on the dates so far?
It's great to see bands giving such advance notice!
(My only wish was that bands wouldn't launch on the same night)

With all this band launch talk... Anyone thinking about modelling?
If so stayed tuned for more information on upcoming model searches!

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