Monday, July 18, 2011

Questions and Answers: Where do I find... (Part 2)

With 12 more days until the parade, the countdown is on!
In continuation of the previous Q&A post, the topic up for discussion is where do you find some of your parade essentials.

 (Prior to the Q&A as usual here is my disclaimer: The answers below is what I would say. If you were to ask someone else you may get a different response and that is ok. The intention of the Q&A is to provide information in addition to encourage collaboration and discussion of ideas/views.)
Now onto the Q&A
Q: Should I bring a bag to hold my stuff?
A: For this question my response is it will depend on what you plan on bringing...

1. Small Contents (such as keys or money)
For contents that are small, you may be able to get away with not carrying a bag or pouch. Items such as money or a single key can be placed in your shoe (although this might be a bit uncomfortable)

3. Rag/Flag
If you plan on bringing a rag or flag with you, you might not need a bag/pouch to carry it. These items can be tucked into your waist belt, boots, or anywhere else you like.

2. Cell Phones or Camera
In previous years I have avoided bringing a cell phone out of fear that I would loose it at the parade. I have seen individuals place their cell phone in their bra strap, but this might not be the most secure of places (imo). Last year I held my camera in my hand, with the strap secured across my wrist. I was extremely careful though and always did a double look to see that I wasn't forgetting it or anything else in the bathroom, CNE grounds or lakeshore.

 Q: What options do I have for storage on the road? Where can I find a pouch/bag?
A: For masquareders who may prefer to bring a bag on the road here are a few options: 

1. Your Band
Several bands provide their masquarders with drawstring bags to match their costume.This is definitely a nice touch and also a great keep sake/souvenir. Most importantly, it can be used to hold essential items.

2. Local Stores
Last year I purchased a small pouch from the dollarstore to hold my contents during the parade. Though the pouch did not match exactly, I decorated it with jewels and glitter and it did the trick. Other than the dollarstore, there are likely other stores around the city that sell small bags or pouches that can be used while on the road.
3. A Friend's Pocket
If you are playing with a few male friends, their costume may have pockets which can hold a few small items. One thing to be mindful of with this option, is in the event you are separated from your friend during the parade they may have your essentials (eg. car keys) with them.

4. The Collabo
This year I decided I wanted to have a pouch made to match my costume. After a few friends were also interested in pouches, I thought this may be a great opportunity. 
 Here are a few of the pouch styles and colours available:

If you are interested in a pouch please email and specify the colour and the style. : )

What do you use to carry your essentials?

Stayed tuned for the next Q&A!


  1. Hi your blog! I've been lucky in that the band I play with has given us small drawstring backpacks for the past couple of years. The backpacks match our costume and they have come in handy for me to put in an extra pair of pantyhose, a change of clothes (t-shirt/shorts) and any other essentials I need. And my hands have been free all day!

  2. Hey Anon 12:58 Thanks so much for the feedback!!!