Thursday, July 21, 2011

Questions and Answers: How much is that Bottle of Water?!?

10 more days until the parade!
In continuation of the previous Q&A posts, the topic up for discussion is the prices for items purchased at the parade or on the CNE grounds. (Trust me they can get a bit pricey) 

 (Prior to the Q&A as usual here is my disclaimer: The answers below is what I would say. If you were to ask someone else you may get a different response and that is ok. The intention of the Q&A is to provide information in addition to encourage collaboration and discussion of ideas/views.)

Now onto the Q&A

Q: How much is that Whistle? Flag? or Bottle of Water?
A: Much Higher than what you would regularly pay! lol

This past weekend I spent $5 on a whistle for my nephew who was participating in Junior carnival. Though the strap for the whistle had our flag on it, $5 is a bit pricey! (imo) Especially when I could have bought a whistle from the dollar store. Yes, I know it may come down to wanting to represent where you are from, so sometime prior to next Saturday I encourage you to find the whistle/flag/rag you bought last year and bring it with you!

While playing with your band during the parade, masquaraders are provided with cold drinks (water, juice, maybe energy drinks) and also food. But!!! During the walk back to your car, TheGo or TTC you might get a little bit thirsty (especially with the heat we have been having). And this is where things can get a bit pricey. Last year after a long and tiring walk back to the gates, my friend and I wanted to get some water from a drink stand... After waiting in the long line, my friend asked "How much is a Bottle of Water"? And to our surprise she said $4!!!!! (As my friend laughed outwardly at that price and threw in a few words here and there lol, we walked away from the stand and found a young gentleman that was selling water and gatorade out of a bin. I purchased my blue gatorade for $3, while she purchased her water for $2.

It is definitely important to stay hydrated, but the prices will likely be a bit more expensive then you are used to. If possible, try to find someone who is selling the item you are interested in (whether water, flag or whistle) for a fairly reasonable price. I know the parade is definitely a great time for vendors, but $4 for a bottle of water!?!? That's a bit overboard (imo)
P.S. Remember to walk with some money!

Things to get/bring for the parade:

Towel/Rag (optional)
Flag (optional)
Whistle (optional)
A few Safety Pins (optional- but comes in handy in case of emergencies/costume malfunctions)
Blanket/Chair (for spectators that want to sit and watch)

Please feel free to add to the list. Can you think of others?


  1. I remember walking back from the parade to the hotel, we passed through a neighborhood and they were selling ice cold water for a dollar. Great deal lol.

  2. Yeah, for Washington Carnival, vendors started the day charging $1 for water, but towards the end, $3. Happens everywhere, steups!

  3. Anon 4:47 what street was that, b/c that's a good deal! lol And Karabana I agree with you, the prices are jacked up by the end of the day.