Thursday, July 7, 2011

Makeup Monday (But it's a Thursday)

Hey Everyone,

Here's the second installment of the Makeup Monday series. Yes I know, I'm a bit late lol  But I was too excited to wait until next Monday.

This week's featured artist is Pureness

The inspiration for this week was Saldenah's Cosmic Bliss:

(Picture of costume from Tdot Exposed)

Makeup Look:

I think this look is very versaltile and can also be applied to:

Blues Carnival Fusion: Seduction

Goddess Spotlights: Mas Players International For Caribana 2011
Mas Players International: Under the Sea

Special Thanks to Pureness for your look this week.
Here is her contact information:

Hope you enjoyed this week's makeup post  : )

P.S. Any makeup artists who are interested in taking part in Makeup Monday's please feel free to contact me @

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