Thursday, June 16, 2011

Let the Preparations Begin- D.I.Y Boots

This summer one of my goals was to do several D.I.Ys : )
One of my most recent D.I.Y. (Do. It. Yourself) projects is that I started to work on my boots for my 2K11 costume.

I decided to re-use my boots that I bought last year, which I had previously spray painted silver.

After finding my boots from underneath my bed, here is a picture of what they look like one year later. lol
(Note these boots were originally black)

I started my D.I.Y project by spraying a primer...

I then airdryed the boots outside overnight.

I resumed two days later.
Subsequent to priming the boots, I sprayed the first coat of spray paint to one side of each boot.

Here are some pictures:

Stay Tuned to Future Updates! : )

So have you decided what you are doing about footwear?
Boots? Sneakers? Flats?
What is your preference?


  1. For the first time I'm gonna wear boots.

  2. That's good to hear. Are you decorating them also?

  3. I might, but I really like them as they are. But it would be nice to put some feathers or something on them.

  4. Hey Anon
    if you're thinking of adding some extra umph, maybe you could try use the arm or leg bands that come with most costumes. And the dollar sotre is always your friend when it comes to feathers, beads and rhinestones!

    I like the colour of your boots and just like you, I am using my boots from last year. I love these little DIY's :)

  5. Hey KK,
    I'm with you on re-using the boots from last year. What color are yours?

  6. hey collabo,
    my boots from last year are green and they are coming along nicely.....25 days!

    how about your boots, how goes the project?

  7. My project is going well! I'm going to post a few update pictures.