Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mas Players International launch

This past Friday Mas Players International was the final band to launch for the 2K11 season with their theme Fairytale Fantasies

Sections reminiscent of movies and stories definitely brought back childhood memories!
Special thanks to Whitney for allowing me to take backstage pictures!


Under the Sea

Never Never Land

Atihan Aklans

Princess Fairies

Azamara Dancers


Chidine's curse

Rags to Riches

Good Job Mas Players International!
2K11 Adult Band Launch Season has officially ended!

Next up.... Roll Call! ; )
and Kiddies Carnival Information


  1. Hi there, I know this might sound strange, but do you have any more pictures of Tinker Bell? If so, would you be able to e-mail them to me? lol.

  2. Hi Anon 2:38,
    Yes I do. Please send an email to with your details.

  3. Thank you so much. E-mail has been sent.

  4. Awesome costumes. Would love to see videos of the action.