Friday, April 15, 2011

Teaser- Tru Dynasty

This past Saturday was quite the evening! Three bandlaunches had taken place... 
(I was able to make it to two of the three... and trust me it wasn't easy lol) 
One of the band launches I attended was Tru Dynasty's presentation- "The Roaring 20's" 
Special thanks to Candace O. for taking pictures!  

Tru Dynasty did a really good job with their costumes representing their theme! Just by looking at some of the sections, you can immediately tell what they are portraying. I also think it was great that the models were of various complexions and sizes.
 Apart from the costumes, the band leaders are extremely nice!! (Very approachable)

Now on to the sections:


Josephine Baker

Match Girls

All That Jazz


Double Bubble

 Speak Easy


Coco Chanel

Job Well Done Tru Dynasty!!!!!
All the Best for the 2011 Season
For more information check out their website HERE

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